Face problems in life

Face problems in life

We are very hurt by the opposite environment we have created against ourselves, even after hard work, when a large company manager is removed from his post due to his team's average outcome, in such a situation, Is going to take in.
All of us have some problem in life and sometimes sometimes the graph of these problems goes here so that we feel that there can never be anything good with us. We are very hurt by the opposite environment we have created against them, even after hard work, when a banker is declared unsuccessful for his work or the manager of the big company, due to his team's average results, his position In such a way, this round of us is about to be taken in great despair.

Negativity is dominated in our thoughts, but we forget that human beings can solve any problem with their efforts. Human power has its own self-confidence, because humans also make many impossible tasks possible. The picture of this world has changed.

The best example of which is the great scientist Thomas Alva Editions, who all thought to be stoic and ridiculed their efforts by calling them crazyness while Thomas Alba Edition made this world light with its hard work and hard work. Because of this trend Edison did not invent the bulb only, but with many inventions it showed the world that any work can be done diligently and diligently.

There are many such figures that, without being disappointed by defeat, succeeded in reducing their world over and attempting to do more, and it is possible to defeat them by thinking of defeat, because defeat is an object available in the way of victory. Which will increase the enthusiasm of your victory. That is why we should always leave behind our weakness and make another effort to win our victory, which will ensure our victory.
Different ways of conquering life's problems

If we look at our life neutral, then we will know that our whole day is spent in getting happiness, satisfaction and consumption, or we spend our time in conquering any specific problem. In life, we endeavor to attain happiness, in fact we feel more sad than pleasure in our life.
Problems in each of the jawans take a variety of forms.

    Lose your loved one
    Stress in marital life

In our daily lives, we constantly have to face any problem and challenge. Sometimes there are more than one problem in our lives. Eg Marital life imbalances, along with financial problems. When all the problems fall on us together, then everything becomes very difficult for us. Then we experience neutrality, apathy, and sometimes our thoughts of suicide also come.
How do we overcome problems and problems of our lives?

Generally, we take three paths to solve the problems of our lives: -

    Upper measure
    With the advice of a specialist based on modern science
    Through religion

Upper measure

By this route, we do not face the problem, but we remove our attention from the original problem and put it in some other task, so that the pain caused by the situation is reduced. Eg After divorce in the spouse, the wife goes shopping, and the husband goes to drink alcohol to forget this sorrow. But this does not solve the problem. The problem is still there right there, it has only been resolved, the problem is not over. Most of us adopt such measures, primarily when it is very painful to reach the root of the problem.
By modern science

Many of us find the root cause of the problem, and try to conquer it with the help of modern science. Wherein informationalists eg The advice of lawyers, financial consultants, psychologists etc. is included.
Eg : If a person consumes contaminated food, which causes pain in the stomach, then it will be cured of stomach pain by taking bactericidal medicine. Here he has solved his problem in three stages.

    First Step - Understanding Problems - Stomach Pain
    Second stage - Understanding the cause of the problem - Contaminated food
    Step 3 - Solving - taking bactericidal medication

Modern science triumph over each problem with the process of these three steps
Some people turn to religion: to reduce their grief
As a last resort, when all the ideas become futile. Many people have experienced miraculous experiences when visiting a pilgrimage, meeting with specific prayers, vows, and saints and saints. Modern science has proved that those who are religious, are safer than the problems and are less likely to go to extremes like their own suicides. In a research by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) Columbia University, it was found that, those who were not associated with religious service, the possibility of consuming their hemp compared to religious service workers each week Was 8 times more.

Solve the problem locally
How do you cope with any challenge, it often opens up the secret of your success and happiness. If you also have a problem

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